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After several years of going from doctor to doctor, being poked, prodded, tested and even operated on I was finally referred to Dr. Prywes. From my very first visit, I knew this was going to be different.Dr. Prywes has a very positive relationship with his patients. He has always treated me respectfully, taking time to listen, and treating me as a person, a true partner in my health care. From the beginning Dr. Prywes has helped me to look at my pain differently and to respond to my symptoms constructively.Dr. Prywes has helped me to change my eating habits, improve my exercise, have better control over my stress and have true relief for the relentless pain I was living with every day. Through traditional medical care as well as acupuncture, nutrition support, physical therapy, homeopathic remedies and hands on treatment, Dr. Prywes has made it possible for me to return to the life I love.As a result of Dr. Prywes’ care I have been able to have an active life, filled with hiking, biking, skiing, and dancing while raising my children and teaching. I am confident that without the support and care of Dr. Prywes my life would be quite different.I am truly grateful to Dr. Prywes and his wonderful staff for their kindness, compassion and care. Thank you Dr. Prywes, I love the active life your care makes possible.

Mary Ronan
Brookfield, CT

I prefer not to use drugs or pain killers to mask symptoms of any physical problems I have, so that is why I contacted the Center for Pain Rehabilitation. My first experience with Dr. Prywes was a few years ago when I had what is known as a “frozen shoulder” due to calcium deposits that had built up after an injury. Among other non-invasive treatments, Dr. Prywes prescribed physical therapy which I did long term and I avoided having a painful surgery with a long recuperation period.I had a pain in my rib cage about six months ago, and I went to a chiropractor for several weeks with no relief. I had several diagnostic tests done to see if it was something more serious and then I called Dr. Prywes. He treated it with a combination of massage, acupuncture and topical ointments and the pain subsided in a matter of days. Just recently, I pulled a muscle on the opposite side of my rib cage and Dr. Prywes alleviated the pain almost immediately with massage, acupuncture and laser treatment.I would be happy to discuss my experience with the Center for Pain Rehabilitation and Dr. Prywes with anyone who has questions.

Linda Pressmar
Wilton, CT

I want to thank you, once again, for the wonderful relief from the debilitating headaches I experienced after my last stroke.Your patience and enthusiasm in treating my problem with a view to “helping the body heal itself,” is inspiring. More doctors should be so proactive and aware of the tremendous capabilities of a human being who is properly diagnosed and cared for with insight.I wish you well in your endeavors to increase the knowledge of the medical community as a whole in treating the causal factors of an illness and not just the symptoms.

Janette E. Bornn
Kent, CT

During the last few years I have had the good fortune of being treated by an exceptional physician. In January 2000, I was involved in an automobile accident in which my car was struck head on and totaled. After consulting several physicians I was referred to the Center for Pain Rehabilitation and Dr. Mitchell Prywes. His attentiveness and concern for both my physical and emotional pain was outstanding. Dr. Prywes provided a variety of pain relief treatments, which allowed me to continue functioning. The use of medication was minimal; instead, acupuncture and therapy provided relief.Dr. Prywes was always available if the pain suddenly became unbearable. There was always some time available to squeeze me in for treatment. His caring nature and genuine interest in my well being facilitated my continuing recuperation from injuries. I would recommend Dr. Mitchell Prywes to any person suffering from pain.

Louise N.
Danbury, CT

Just a quick note to let you know that I sincerely appreciated you seeing me last week and helping me to prepare for my long “stretch” through France.I promise to be diligent regarding my exercises and won’t hot dog up any awful hills.Thanks again, you’ve saved my vacation!

Michelle G.
Danbury, CT

I wanted to drop you this note to thank you very much for helping me with my back.As I told you, at the visit, I tried several methods of Doctors in hopes of discovering my problem, but to no avail. After my visit with you I felt significantly better. I now have a clear direction to pursue, complete relief from the problem (which has been plaguing me for more than a year.) I can now enjoy my honeymoon, my studies and my life without a nagging monkey on my back.Your professionalism/thoughtfulness was much appreciated – I could tell you weren’t going to let me leave until I was “fixed.” See you for my follow-up. Thank you very very much.

Craig S.

I want to thank you for your kindness and patience with me over the past several months. I appreciate all that you are doing to help me get back on the road to feeling good again. I also want to tell you what a wonderful staff you have! I have been to many different medical offices over the years and have never met a staff like you have here.Thank you all once again for treating me so kind.

Kathy S.
Bethel, CT

Thank you for the pain relief! I’m on a roll surfing and swimming with comfort! It’s been a great summer.

Lisa O.
New Fairfield, CT